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After Sales Service

Spare parts / Guarantee:
Our machines  are covered worldwide by a two years guarantee. For spare parts, please contact the After Sales Service in your country.  Just check the reference number of the spare you need from your machine parts list.
If the After Sales Service does not stock the requested spare part, it is a pleasure for us to send it the fastest possible way to you.
Please note: If you send us an email, do not forget to fill in your Customer number (contract number) in "subject".
This helps us and our After Sales Services to serve you the best possible way and you do not run the risk that your message will be deleted from the mass of Spam Mails we receive every day. We do not open Spam Mails nor we send an answer, we simply delete them.

Other Responsabilities of our  Aftersales services:

Additionally our AS also guarantees for your downpayment and delivery of your ordered machines, in case you placed an order during the show, so you don't have to pay everything in advance and then wait for us to send the machines and worry about your money....

Besides that, they take care of the complete import procedures, which is already included in the final price.

What they do not do is selling our machines!
Only we sell our machines directly from the factory to our final customers during the exhibition.

For further details please visit us on our stand on the exhibition; it will be our pleasure to inform you more detailed and personally.


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