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Welcome to the world of BEND-ART®

...everything You need to set up Your own successful and highly profitable business...

Only available on exhibitions !

BEND-ART® Workshops
have been developed with one main objective as a goal:
To offer our customers unrivaled advantages in a highly competitive market

  • Extremely reduced labour costs

   which enables our customers to offer unbeatable    prices

  • Highest quality finishing

   independant from the skills or experience of the

  • Exclusivity and Protection for our customers:

   Not for sale outside of exhibitions! (SALES POLICY)

  • No electrical power required,

   all our tools are 100% hand operated

  • Minimal space required

   (starting from as little as 9 sqm)

Our goal:
To make the production processes a lot faster, cheaper and much much more efficient

Your oportunity:
To get Yourself started in a highly profitable business without to worry about competition

If You don´t mind working with Your hands and brains together
we might just have the right business idea for You:

Welcome to the world of BEND-ART®

Let us get started by unvealing some Trade secrets


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