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Trade secrets

First some facts about wrought iron business:

Prices for Quality Wrought Iron products have rocketed "sky-high" all over the world, allthough the
costs for the raw materials do not even reach 20% of the selling price!

As a matter of fact there is no other trade where the price difference between the raw materials
and the ready made products is as high as in Wrought Iron Blacksmith product lines.

In other words:
More than 80% of the prices are due to nothing else than labourcosts!

Countless Hours of heating and heavy hammering on anvils,
followed by welding, grinding, straightening out again
and trying to keep things tight and symmetric ....

All this heavy work is not only very time consuming
but additionally requires specially trained and highly
skilled profesionals with years of experience,
- hard to find and expensive to maintain.

Just a standard wrought iron window grill of 1,5 sqm
can take easily up to 2 days working time !

As a result Quality Wrought Iron products became not only very expensive but also hard to find.

So what if You could manufacture amazing wrought iron products at the
highest professional level within just a fraction of time...

will easily put You in an unrivaled position in Your market by
giving You the oportunity to offer top notch wrought iron products at
prices up to 50% cheaper than the actual market price with much higher profits per hour!

And, mind You, nothing leaves Your workshop if not in an outstanding quality finishing which can
normally only be achieved by extremely skilled and experienced Blacksmiths!

BEND-ART® lets You cut down an amazing 90% on labour

and puts You right away in to business with outstanding quality products for a
much cheaper price than your competitors!

If You want to learn more about our Workshop concept continue to   PRODUCTS



Only available on professional tradeshows and  exhibitions!

That way BEND-ART® enables You to:

  • Start an exclusiv business not available to the public  

  • Enjoy full protection from people, who want to copy Your business idea

  • Deliver top of the range quality products

  • Produce up to 100 times faster and cleaner

  • Offer the best prices in Your local market

  • Deliver much faster than Your competitors

  • Realize millions of different designs

  • React flexible to Your local market´s demands

  • Serve the needs of construction companies

  • Participate in the security business

  • Create Your own line of furniture

  • Become Your own boss and offer employment to others

  • Gain independency from miserable wages and people telling You what to do...

  • and much, much more ...

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