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Bigger sized material requires bigger sized tools.
We build this high end tool for heavy duty works and different shapes of scrolls.
Due to the possibility to put the hinged segments in various positions, you produce a range of different scrolls - and of course no preheating is required.

Please note: Forged ends of working material must not be thinner than 4mm.
If the material is thinner, it can not be fixed by the segments! End forging: In order to bend an optically perfect scroll form,
the last 15cm of the material should be flattened equally towards the end. If you renounce end forging, you can
- nevertheless - form scrolls out of square bars up to 16mm (5/8") or flat strips up to 40 x 8mm (1 5/8" x 5/16").

Please find the maximum material sizes in the table below.

The tube former segment allows to bend various curve radius.
Simply remove the scroll former segments, place arc segments, fix with the attachment bolt of the first segment and assemble the draw roll for for material guidance, insert tube and turn lever in clockwise direction until you get the desired form.

Note: All tools are supplied complete with operating instructions and spare parts list (VCD - Video & Booklet). The sizes in the specification tables are for Hot rolled Black Mild Steel Bar & Annealed Bright Mild Steel Bar (DIN 37).
The max. scroll size may vary due to the temper (spring) of the steel.

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